13 Dec 2012


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When it comes to the general offices, there are various different types
of office layouts. Many offices have the traditional office type. There is no
right or wrong way to design an office. What matters is that your workers are comfortable and that maximum office productivity is achieved. In this article, you will
learn all about the different types of offices you can apply to your own


As mentioned previously, this is the most popular office layout. This office layout involves the use of doors and walls. This type of office is better suited for larger or even smaller businesses, depending on the type of business. The type of furniture that is placed in the office also indicates the type of business and those who occupy the office space. Lower level of workers, such as the support staff, will sit at desk without screen dividers. The staff, who occupies a higher level at the company, has their own section of the office. Their office is always on the corner of the office that always has two
windows. Privacy between workers is important and a large office area is a very
popular feature in the traditional office space.


These types of offices are for the type of workers who work in large companies and are of middle-management level positions. The rows are separated by aisles. This allows free of movement around the office.  Cubicles will always have workers sitting at a desk with a computer and a private phone. Printers are often shared between workers. Sometimes two and up to three workers can share a cubicle space.


Many companies use the cubical office space layout. This allows for increased communication between workers in the workplace and increases social interaction. The type of businesses that will have open-plan offices would be offices that have creative environments such as Design companies. Workers may or may not have their own desks. For meetings, a conference room is usually used. The conference room is often situated along the outer walls of the open-plan office.


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